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The Great Dane Fam

The Great Dane Fam is a sister Company under the same ownership that provides pet shipping and relocation services.

Safe, affordable and fast!

What is included:


We are USDA registered transport company, Pet First Aid / CPR certified, Pet Care insured and fully licensed LLC. We require health certificate for travel and have your pet under supervision 24/7.


You will get photo/video/text  updates of your pet every time we stop for a drink and walk (every 3-4 hrs). You are welcome to talk with us on a phone and track us via GPS.


We provide crates, blankets, water, disposable bowls, leashes, pee pads. Pets that did not come together have no contact with each other.  We do not stop at public dog areas for your pet's safety.

Pet First Aid certified
USDA registered
pet insurance

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The Great Dane FAam logo
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