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Play Zone

All Play Zone services are subject to vaccination requirements

doggy daycare client

Dogs deserve to be spoiled because they are loyal, loving, and provide unconditional companionship. They are often referred to as "man's best friend" for good reason - they offer emotional support, protection, and a constant source of joy and laughter. In return for their unconditional love, dogs ask for very little and are always there to greet us with wagging tails and happy faces.

All Day Play

Doggy Daycare is a service where dogs can socialize and play with other dogs in a supervised and safe environment. It provides opportunities for socialization and exercise, reduces anxiety and boredom, and can prevent separation anxiety. Additionally, professional supervision ensures the safety of the dogs, while convenience makes it a good option for pet owners who work long hours. We are currently limited to groups of 5 dogs per day. Dogs have to be potty trained, neutered and friendly, agression free. 

Training Classes

Dog training classes at our grooming salon can improve a dog's behavior, socialization, obedience, and communication with their owner, as well as make the grooming process easier and more pleasant. We offer 6 week basic obedience and puppy training for a weekly class in a group of 10 dogs per class. At the end of each training season you have an opportunity to test for a Canine Good Citizen Certificate and Title with an AKC certified Evaluator. You do not have to have a purebred dog to receive the certificate.

Birthday Party

A dog birthday party at  our PlayCare is a fun and unique way to celebrate your dog's special day and provide them with a memorable experience. It can also provide an opportunity for socialization and playtime with other dogs, as well as a chance for owners to connect with other pet owners and share their love for their furry companions.

A dedicated party host or staff member will supervise the festivities and ensure the safety and well-being of all the dogs. Owners can relax and enjoy the party knowing that their dog is in a safe and controlled environment.

This service includes reserved room, party hats, treats, fun and photo opportunity! Limited  to a group of 5.
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